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Our vast experience of running businesses has lead to the creation of an altogether different bookkeeping service. In this high tech era, bookkeeping processes have never been easier, meaning they can largely be automated, leaving us financial geniuses with the capacity to add massive value to your numbers!!

When you work with us, not only do we save you time and money, but we help you to use your numbers so skillfully that it will transform your business and make you way more money than you pay us, in other words, we GUARANTEE that you will get a return on investment using our services, in other words, our services are, in effect FREE!!

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We are certified AAT bookkeepers but we have been running businesses of our own for nearly 3 decades.
We are passionate about helping business owners achieve financial freedom, meaning that we want them not to just make more money, but to get the time to enjoy the extra cash they make.


Monthly management

Monthly management information - presented to you like a 5 year old could understand them!!


We talk to you!! In language you can understand, and we ensure that you take action on the important
stuff that your books are telling us.


Holding you to account, that’s right, if you can make more money, then you must, we won’t allow
you to not take action on the stuff you need to do to make more money, it’s our job.


We educate you, so that you are not dependent on us or anyone else for that matter to run
YOUR business.


We add massive value, analysing your numbers, digging deep, looking at ways of optimising
your profits, finding you new suppliers, better terms and benchmarking you against
your competitors. All the stuff you would like to do if you had the time!!


The recording of actual transactions in monetary terms to trial balance only, without any adjustments. It specifically excludes the calculation of actual transactions, for example the calculations of depreciation, accruals/prepayments and work-in-progress.


The preparation of VAT returns; dealing with HMRC on behalf of a client, advising on the applicable rates of VAT in respect of both inputs and outputs.
A member practising in this area of work can be expected to provide their client with:
- An explanation of the principles of VAT
- Calculations of the VAT to be paid to, or recoverable from, HMRC


The preparation of summarised accounting data reports for the owner or management team of a business, on a frequent basis (for example quarterly, monthly or weekly).
Some examples of management accounting reports are:
- Monthly / quarterly profit and loss statement
- Monthly sales analysed by product or division
- Standard costing reports


The calculation of the net pay due to a client’s employees after taking into account all deductions and reimbursement of expenses.

This includes the preparation of returns to enable the submission (to HMRC) of all required RTI forms, after approval by a client. Advising the client of their liability, if any, to pay PAYE and National Insurance to HMRC.

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At 8th Habit, we have mixed together professional book keeping with a business coaching element.

We not only help you to understand your numbers, but we also guide you on how to use them in your business to make it instantly more PROFITABLE!!
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